I was about 10 years old when I picked up my Dad's film SLR and started taking pictures of my pet rabbit. I had no idea what aperture or shutter speed even meant but I happily snapped away documenting every hop that bunny made. 

More than thirty years later I continue to snap away (and luckily I've learned a bit more about my upgraded equipment)! My passion for and knowledge of photography has continued to grow over the years and I’ve been very lucky that I’ve been able to bring that passion around the world through my work in international health and development. 

In 2012 my daughter was born and I added family photography to my interests and skills. In 2017 my family moved from South Africa to Yangon, Myanmar, where we are surrounded with golden pagodas and saffron robed monks. It's very exciting to be able to capture photos in this part of the world for the next few years!

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