Thadingyut is the Burmese festival of lights in the seventh month of the Buddhist calendar (October) and marks the end of Buddhist lent. It represents Buddha descending back to earth after preaching “Abhidhamma”- the highest doctrine of Buddhism - to his mother from a previous incarnation. The people of earth help guide him back with bright lights.

Thadingyut is also associated with paying homage not only to the Buddha and his teachings, but also to monks, parents, teachers, and elder relatives. Visits are made to parents and elders to present gifts and to give thanks, and some people hand out food donations.

Piper’s KG class had a little celebration in class and learned about Thadingyut from the Myanmar classmates and then gave thanks to their teachers, Ms. Luisa and Mr. Babush. The kids then got light up balloons and brought home their handmade lanterns.