Piper's School Activities

Piper's school had sports day today and I was able to go and see the end of it! The younger classes (Pre-K to 1st) were in the gym and the bigger kids were outside on the field. (I was grateful for being inside with the A/C since today is a hot one!). 

She did great at the obstacle course! And then the two pre-K classes played tug-of-war. It was too cute! Piper went from her feet to being dragged across the mats, which she told me afterwards was her game plan. "Mom, I'm heavier if they have to drag me". 

Her friends Diella (K) and Luca (1st) also competed, as did the parents against the teachers (spoiler: teachers won).

After the inside sports were complete there were some water balloons for the kids to play with, so of course my girl got drenched! 

Last week I chaperoned the Pre-K class field trip to a dairy farm north of Yangon. It was quite an adventure to get there in Yangon traffic (it took 2 hours) but the kids handled it quite well, I think I only heard "Are we there yet?" 125 times. At the farm, the kids were provided a power-point presentation (completely appropriate for a room full of 4 and 5 year olds -don't you think?!) and some of the milk/yogurt drinks made on the farm. After they kids were sufficiently bored and confused, we got to go see the cows.